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best 30-inch induction cooktops for 2022

steve sheinkopf  |  may 13, 2022  |  7 min. read

induction cooktops  |  cooking  |  induction cooking

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induction has become more popular over time for its quick response and low simmer. there are many reasons to buy an induction cooktop, especially if you live in massachusetts.

of course, every brand manufactures an induction cooktop, and they all look the same. so which induction cooktop do you consider? these days it's not an easy answer.

in this article, you will learn how induction works, its many benefits, and the seven best induction cooktops to consider. we will also cover every brand's reliability and how to buy an induction cooktop during a supply crisis.

thirty-inch cooktops are not as popular as 36-inch cooktops for induction. click here to look at the best 36-inch induction cooktops.

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buying induction cooktops during an availability crisis

last year, this article was titled “5 best induction cooktops”. this year you will see seven with the hopes of finding one or two in the area.

many appliances have supply issues but you have choices. it might not be exactly what you want but substituting that miele dishwasher for a kitchenaid is not a bad swap, for example.

other appliances like compact laundry have maybe one or two choices if you are lucky. induction is in that category.

availability is especially tight for induction. it's a combination of high demand against a crumbling supply chain.

so, you will learn the best features and then find that cooktop matching that description regardless of brand.

what is induction cooking?


we cover this more extensively in our induction buying guide, but induction is a magnetic heat.

the magnets excite the metal molecules in your pan. the pan cooks the food, bypassing the glass cooktop. this is in stark contrast to an electric cooktop where elements heat the glass, and then the glass heats the pan cooking your food.


benefits of induction cooking

induction is the fastest heat (even faster than the hottest professional range) and offers an instant and the lowest possible simmer. gas will extinguish itself at low temperatures.

because the glass surface does not heat up, it is the easiest to clean. food doesn't bake on electric and gas cooktops.

induction is the most child-safe because the magnets in induction can only be activated with metal. the glass does not heat up like an electric or a gas burner, so your toddler (and mine) is the safest around an induction cooking surface.

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ventilation for induction cooktops


induction requires less venting. unlike professional gas ranges or cooktops, you can almost consider a downdraft for ventilation, but you still shouldn't.

induction doesn't add heat, gasses, and smoke like a professional gas cooktop or range. a 36-inch pro gas cooktop can add almost 100,000 btus into your kitchen. the heat needs to be vented.

in massachusetts, make-up air laws stipulate a return of air over 400 cfm. you will need that make-up air return with a higher-powered pro or gas stovetop.

gas requires around 6500 cfm for a pro cooking surface. induction requires only 400 cfm.

particulate matter and gases

induction is much cleaner than gas. it does not emit carbon dioxide and far less nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde. many cities have abolished gas ranges in multi-family buildings because of air quality concerns.

with induction, you have far fewer fumes and better air quality than gas.

induction cooktop reliability

induction cooktop reliability from december 2020 to october 2021

  service rates
wolf 3.4%
bosch benchmark 3.5%
thermador 3.8%
kitchenaid 4.8%
gaggenau 7.4%
miele 8.7%
bosch 9.4%
jennair 17.9%
grand total 6.1%

the service rates above are based on a minimum of 20 cooktops sold and a total sample of over 400 cooktops.

based on our service calls and sales from december 2020 to october 2021, wolf, bosch benchmark, thermador, and kitchenaid are the most reliable induction cooktop brands.

we calculate appliance reliability by dividing the products we serviced by the products we sold. for this article, we looked at the number of appliances sold and serviced from december 1, 2020, to october 31, 2021.

thermador is particularly interesting because they have the best technology. the burner can follow the pan in their freedom cooktops.

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what all induction cooktops have in common


the glass: the schott ceran® company still makes most glass surfaces for cooktops. they are the main glass supplier for electric and induction cooking surfaces and have been since the 1980s.

many reviewers will talk about how "easy this one is to clean." they are all easy because they are the same glass type but different patterns.

bridge elements: every cooktop chosen below has a bridge connecting two heating elements to fit an oblong dish or pan.

maximum wattage: the maximum wattage on an induction burner is 3700 watts.

power boost and power share: induction cooktops have a boost feature for max power in one or two of the burners. this output will be siphoned from other burners.

bsh companies such as bosch, gaggenau, bosch benchmark, and thermador use power boost. power boost will take all the power from the adjacent burner, leaving that burner with no power.

the other brands use power share for 70% of the adjacent burner's power, leaving 30% to do some low-temperature simmering.

best 30-inch induction cooktops for 2022

most available induction cooktops:

bosch benchmark nitp069suc induction cooktop – $2,499


the bosch benchmark is placed at number one because it is the most available. also, the reliability on this series has been remarkably good at just 3.5%, while their regular induction is over 9%.

this cooktop can be split into three pre-set zones, so you only have to move the pan to the new zone to change the temperature. this is especially great for foods like risotto.

it's wi-fi-enabled so that it can be turned on or off remotely. their homeconnect app has recipes and different food preparation ideas (homeconnect connects better than most brands' wi-fi apps).

bosch has some fancy features like autochef so you can program recipes. autosize automatically sizes the burner to the pan.

beko bcti30410 induction cooktop - $1,959


beko is a turkish company and popular in europe. beko markets its appliances in 140 countries. they manufacture viking dishwashers and bluestar refrigerators and are the parent company of the blomberg brand. you also have a decent shot at this cooktop being available as well.

every burner on a beko induction cooktop has a 3700-watt power boost capability, making it the most powerful on this list.

great brands but less available:

wolf ci304ts induction cooktop - $2,860


the wolf 36-inch induction is one of my favorites as you can combine four burners into 1 for an extra-large "super burner."

the 30-inch doesn't have a bridge element, but wolf was the most reliable induction cooktop. they also have excellent service support.

wolf's availability has been tough, but they are the most transparent for shipping products at their set schedule.

thermador cit30xwbb induction cooktop – $4,799


the freedom cooktop has 48 different sensors to place the pot or pan anywhere (the 36-inch size can handle up to five pans). thermador has three pre-set zones like the bosch benchmark. it also has wi-fi through the reliable homeconnect app.

if you purchase their wall oven and their cooktop, you can receive a $1,399 credit towards a thermador dishwasher. however, buying one will be an issue. lead times may be upwards of 8-15 months. 

new to the list:

café chp95302mss induction cooktop - $2,499


café is an interesting line with colors, mirrored glass, and different handle accessories. this cooktop, like others, is plain black. café does have the bridge burner on the left side and the 3700-watt max burner capability.

fisher & paykel ci30ptx4 induction cooktop - $2,999


fisher & paykel is known for the double-drawer dishwasher and uniquely styled appliances. they are also owned by haier, the chinese conglomerate also known as turnaround specialists at ge.

their burners, like most on this list, top out at 3700. their power boost has two 3000 as well as a 2200 watt burner.

miele km6360 induction cooktop - $3,299


miele is best known for its powerful 7700-watt bridge element for oblong-shaped dishes. that's the most powerful single induction bridge element you can buy. however, you will be waiting for any miele appliances for a long time.

which induction cooktop should you buy?

there is a reason to buy each unit depending on how long you can wait.

hard to believe beko is the most powerful. not hard to believe wolf is the most reliable. other than that, many of these cooktops are similar in output and features.

thermador and bosch benchmark have good features with homeconnect, and they're reliable as a producer of induction cooktops.

right now, benchmark may be one to consider with good features and reliability, plus you can buy one and not wait. availability may be the best feature of all these days.

so, which is right for you?

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