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the lg counter depth max french door refrigerator (2023 review)

january 9th, 2023 | 6 min. read

bysteve sheinkopf

the huge lg counter depth max french door refrigerator 2023 review

with a capacity of 26.5 cubic feet, the new lg counter depth max refrigerators are now the largest counter-depth refrigerators you can purchase.

lg's new max refrigerators are 2.5 cu. ft. larger than any other counter-depth refrigerator.

they are smaller by three cubic feet than the most oversized 30 cubic foot standard refrigerator.


in this article, you will learn the features of the new lg counter depth max french door refrigerator and a few problems.

we will also compare the lg counter depth max refrigerator to samsung, ge, and other lg refrigerators.

let’s get started.

the lg counter-depth max french door refrigerator 2023 review

how big is the lg counter depth max french door refrigerator?

lg-counter-depth-max-french-door-refrigerator-lrfl2706s-kitchen--lg counter depth max french door refrigerator in a kitchen

the lg counter depth max french door refrigerator is 26.5 cu. ft.

for context, the new lg counter depth max french door refrigerator is larger than a sub-zero 42-inch professional counter-depth refrigerator.

the average counter depth refrigerator is about 22.5 cubic feet, so the difference of four cubic feet is substantial.

how much refrigeration capacity do you need?

everyone is different. to understand how much you need, ask yourself the following questions:

1. how many people are in your family?

the cubic foot increases per person.

2. how often do you shop?

you need less capacity if you are shopping more frequently. people who shop daily do not need a lot of storage space in their refrigerator.

my neighbor has two teenagers, works long hours, and shops only on fridays. her 28 cubic-foot refrigerator looks pretty packed.

3. do you meal plan?

i prepare meals on sundays and have someone preparing meals on tuesdays, so my counter-depth refrigerator is full for my 6-year-old and myself.


steve's interior of his refrigerator

growing up, my family had a 23 cubic foot refrigerator for five people. for whatever reason, a 17 cubic foot freezer was in the basement to handle the overflow.

i could never understand why. except for the occasional party, my parents never used that behemoth in the basement.

you won't need extra storage with the lg counter depth max french door refrigerator. however, you can always add a separate under-counter refrigerator in your kitchen.

still, the lg counter depth max french door refrigerator will be more affordable than buying a counter depth and a separate smaller refrigerator.

let’s look at the new lg counter-depth max refrigerator.


lg counter depth max french door refrigerator models

lg has three models and styles to choose from for the larger counter depth max french door refrigerator:


lg lrflc2706s| lg lrfoc2606s | lg lrfgc2706s

the lg lrfl2706s is the least expensive at $1,799, with an internal water dispenser.

the lrfg2706s adds the instaview window so you can look inside your refrigerator for $200 more.

lg instaview refrigerator

lg instaview glass refrigerator panel

you can also keep the glass panel dark and choose not to look into the refrigerator like i would with my refrigerator.

the lrfoc2606s offers the outside water dispenser and the instaview window for $3,499.

best features of the lg counter depth max french door refrigerator


lg counter depth max refrigerator lrflc2706s

temperature control

the refrigerator uses nine sensors to monitor temperature throughout the refrigerator and freezer versus two for other brands.

door cooling+

door cooling+ is such a good feature. lg employs vents on the top of the freezer and refrigerator. when you open the door, cold air is blown from top to bottom to keep the temperature consistent.

it reminds me of entering a store on a hot day and feeling that initial blast of air conditioning in the front.

cool guard interior


lg counter depth max refrigerator with a cool guard interior

a stainless interior or back wall in lg’s case absorbs cold better, so place whatever you want colder next to the stainless wall.


lg was once again themost reliable counter depth refrigeratorwith a service rate of 8.2% based on over 39,000 service calls logged last year.

possible problems with the new lg counter-depth max refrigerator

lg is the most reliable refrigerator brand since they settled their lawsuits in 2019.

since then, they have improved their inverter compressors. inverters work with fewer parts than regular compressors for fewer problems.

however, thelarger capacityis a new design derived from thinner insulation.

hopefully, lg spent time testing this new insulation. then again, many well-intentioned new appliance designs have failed.

also, the doors appear a bit thicker, so you may have to be careful if your refrigerator is next to a doorway.

that said, this new refrigerator should end the standard vs. counter depth refrigerator battle because you now have a counter depth's aesthetics and the standard's size - hopefully.


how does the lg counter depth max french door refrigerator compare to other brands?

first, the lg counter depth max french door refrigerator will be larger, but it is missing a few features.

lg vs. lg studio counter-depth refrigerators


lg lrfl2706s|lg studio srfvc2416

the lg studio srfvc2416 is the next largest counter-depth refrigerator at 24 cubic feet.

it has more features than the lg counter depth max refrigerator, like craft ice. lg’s studio’s signature craft ice spheres are larger, slower dissolving ice cubes.

the lg studio refrigerators also feature a door-in-door panel. you can open the inside door to access your sodas without opening the main compartment.

other smaller lg models also feature french doors with drawers instead of the classic three-door french door.

lg vs. samsung counter-depth refrigerators


lg lrfl2706s| samsung rf23a9671sr

the lg counter depth max french door refrigerators are much bigger than the samsung counter depth refrigerators at 26.5 cu. ft. compared to 22.8 cu. ft. for samsung.

much like lg studio’s refrigerator, samsung has more designs, including the familyhub with a smart tablet on the door.

you can buy theirbespoke linefeaturing many color variations on many styles of samsung refrigerators.

the bottom right-hand compartment of their four-door refrigerators is convertible to a fridge or freezer.

we don't sell samsung anymore, but i like their four-door refrigerators.

lg counter depth max french door refrigerator vs. ge, ge profile, and café appliances refrigerators


lg lrfl2706s| ge profile pye22kynfs

once again, the lg counter depth max french door refrigerator will be much bigger than the ge units at 26.5 cu. ft. compared to 22.3 cu. ft. for the ge.

ge does have other features. first, they have white, black, mirrored, and stainless finishes, with different handle options such as brass, copper, black, and stainless.

unlike the samsung bespoke line, you can match any café appliances products with other appliances in their base colors.

with ge profile and café appliances lines, you can have your keurig coffee built into the dispenser and program it to brew as you wake.

ge also has a large service department which you will need for a refrigerator.

the problem with counter depth refrigerators


french door counter-depth refrigerators at 塞内加尔vs荷兰比赛直播 in hanover

sub-zerointroduced the first counter-depth refrigerator in the 1960s.

kitchen designers loved the idea of a refrigerator not protruding eight inches or more past the cabinets.

this design made kitchens look better by hiding the textured sides of the refrigerator. it also allowed designers to centralize the refrigerator if you preferred your refrigerator in the middle of your kitchen (not that you should place it in the middle).

amana marketed the first freestanding counter depth refrigerator much later in the 1990s, and ge profile popularized it later.


however, the refrigerator capacity decreased from cutting down the depth.

that early amana was 19.5 cubic feet, while standard-depth refrigerators were twenty-four cubic feet then.

at that time, acounter depth refrigeratorwas too small for a family of four or five.

so, you had a choice of aesthetics of a counter depth or the size of a standard-sized refrigerator.

you did have options in new construction of building an enclosure for your refrigerator like my neighbor's or adding a secondary refrigerator as i did.


steve's kitchen (left) and his neighbor's kitchen (right)

however, both options are more costly than a regular refrigerator by $1,500-$3,500. you can't do either in an existing kitchen without remodeling.

thirty years later, you can buy a 24 cubic foot counter depth refrigerator. still, the lg counter depth max french door refrigerator at 26.5-27 cubic feet eliminates the need for secondary refrigeration or adjusting cabinetry.

key takeaways

the lg counter depth max french door refrigerator is large enough to eliminate the need to buy a standard depth refrigerator.

you don't have to worry about building your cabinets or buying another storage unit.

the refrigerator needs better ice, colors, door-in-door, and other configurations.

however, this lg refrigerator has the main features of a good refrigerator such as a decent cooling system, a lot of storage capacity, and excellent reliability.

you may not buy the lg counter depth max french door refrigerator, but it certainly deserves consideration.

additional resources

download the yalecounter depth refrigerator buying guidewith features, specs, and inside buying tips for regular, pro, and integrated counter-depth refrigerators. well over 1 million people have read a yale guide.

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